Regarding the two previous posts, “Principal Coaching – The Low Performing Campus” and “Principal Coaching – Upset Parent and Community,” I am going to point out that what Sean lined out are research-based improvement processes. 

I would like to add my thoughts on how to get this done. Understand this is a coaching relationship. To be an effective Coach, you must tell the truth, listen and hold the “Coachee” accountable for the work. All too often the Coach worries about the personal relationship (that is usually already in place with internal coaching) and begins to overlook the very things that placed the school at risk in the first place.

The role of the internal coach is that of the person who asks the questions over and over until they are answered with actual processes and systems. Any other answers are excuses that you must be willing to work through with the person you are coaching.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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