If you are not following @LYSNation on Twitter, then you missed the Top 10 LYS Tweets from the week of March 26, 2017 when they were first posted.  And if you are on Twitter, you might want to check out the Tweeters who made this week’s list.

1. Want to know what a church believes? Look at the budget. Want to know the values of a country? Look at the budget. (By @cb_johns)

2. Cutting school meals to poor kids is wrong and asinine and heroically stupid. (By @Doug_Lemov)

3. “The Buck Stops… Over There” is not leadership. (By @LYSNation)

4. Some people act like public education is harming students when in actuality it’s the ONLY lifeline for many of them. (By @BluntEducator)

5. Vouchers – Just as racist now as they were then. “60 Years Ago, Resistance To Integration In Texas Led To Voucher Plan” (By @LYSNation)

6. High court rules public schools must do more to educate special-needs kids. (By @caitlinzemma)

7. If you say free lunch programs aren’t helping children in poverty, try not eating for a week and see how it affects your performance. (By @ronclarkacademy)

8. Teachers say it’s not fair that accountability follows state dollars to public schools but not to private schools. (By @TexasAFT)

9. The main purpose of student assessment data is to highlight the quality of adult practice and help decide on what to do to improve. (By @DrMetz_MHS)

10. When trying to convey an important message, perhaps using a platform that limits you to 140 characters is not the best method of communic… (By @DrJerryRBurkett)

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