After reading the 1/31/17 post “PowerWalks and Substitute Teachers – Part 1,” you are now committed to observing and supporting your substitute teachers at a much higher level. If you aren’t go back and read the post again.  I’ll wait.

Welcome back.  As soon as you hit the first room you wonder, what name do I use for this observation?

Good question. And there are three options. Any will work.

Option 1 – Have a catchall room name called “Substitutes.”  Use this for every substitute observation.  The data will be included in the overall campus data and you have a picture of the quality of instruction delivered by the substitutes, as a whole.

Option 2 – Use the teacher of record name for the observation.  The logic behind this is that: A) The quality of substitute teacher delivered instruction is significantly driven by what the teacher of record has prepared for the class. B) The teacher of record is responsible for student performance, even when they are absent. C) If anyone thinks this is unfair, there is an easy solution… Don’t be absent.

Option 3 – For long-term substitute teachers or semi-permanent floating substitute teachers, use the actual substitute teachers name.  This is a sub that should be treated, supported, and coached just like any other staff member, so you need her individual data.

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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