Is there a worse thing?  

Employees throw the name at bosses as an insult.  Leaders will disengage in fear of being labeled. 

I say embrace it.  Because the label simply describes a set of practices… Being present and visible. Observing. Monitoring progress. Being aware of the details. Steering. Pushing. Supporting. Leading.

I’m going to micro-manage, because to not do so is to rely on hope and luck. “I hope my staff is doing the right thing and if we’re lucky we’ll succeed.”

Careers and students get crushed by hope and luck, so I’m not a fan. 

Micro-managing is the science… Loose and tight leadership is the art. 

If things are working and improving, the leadership is loose.  I’m encouraging, connecting, suggesting, providing, pushing, protecting and promoting.

If things are not working and improving, the leadership is tight.  I’m training, scripting, problem-solving, directing, pulling, rallying, communicating, assisting or replacing.

Don’t apologize for being a micro-manager, work at it.

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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