In response to the 7/26/16 post, “Reducing the Number of Re-testers,” a reader adds:


One additional item should be added in your list (see below).

1. Get on Pace 2. Teach Better 3. Intervene Quicker 4. Red Shirt Your Freshmen 5. Lead Your Feeder Pattern

As you have advised before, the assignment of teachers to the test subjects needs to be considered.  Too often it is the new, inexperienced, and/or least prepared teacher that is assigned to Algebra I (the most critical high school math course) or English 1 (the most critical high school English course). This means the most at-risk teacher in the department faces the greatest accountability challenge as he/she is learning the trade… A horrible, yet completely avoidable situation.  

Then we see the more experienced teacher being “rewarded” with the “higher level courses”.  As a department chair I had a firm belief that the experienced teacher should be teaching both a “high level” and “low level” course.  Share that hard-earned experience where it makes the greatest impact!

SC Response Preach!

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