If you are not following @LYSNation on Twitter, then you missed the Top 10 LYS Tweets from the week of October 9, 2016 when they were first posted.  And if you are on Twitter, you might want to check out the Tweeters who made this week’s list.

1. Some kids go an entire day at school without anyone saying their name. Be the teacher who speaks to each student by name. (By @justintarte)

2. “When we eventually become a really mature, grown-up, wise society, we’ll put teachers at the center of our community where they belong.” (By @DrRichAllen)

3. Staff development without follow up is malpractice. (By @tra_hall)

4. When you’re tempted to be offended, remember, you can’t control others but you can control how you respond. (By @JoelOsteen)

5. Currently reading, The Fundamental 5 (Cain & Laird), for the third time. (By @HumbleISD_HMS) 

6. Why do some think it’s cool for kids to retake a class over the summer or the next year but not cool for them to retake a test/quiz…? (By @justintarte)

7. Students not reading on grade level by the end of third grade are four times more likely not to graduate from high school. (By @tgrierhisd)

8. “Segregation is driving the ‘school choice’ charade” –Charles Luke (By @howellwright)

9. A student who is chronically absent ANY year between grades 8 and 12 is seven times more likely to drop out of school. (By @tgrierhisd)

10. I need this book. Don’t let me forget. The Fundamental 5: The Formula for Quality Instruction, by Sean Cain & Mike Laird. (By @FarleyJeffrey)

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