This is post three of a four post series addressing each T-TESS domain and its relationship and correlations to PowerWalks.

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T-TESS Domain 3: Learning Environment The research is clear that the environment can have either a positive or negative impact on student performance. Additionally, the components of an effective (leveraged) classroom environment can be observed.  When addressing classroom environment, the sole lens should be the effect of environmental factors on student performance.  The uncomfortable truth is this is not the lens used in the vast majority of schools and classrooms.  Instead, adult comfort and convenience are the primary considerations.  There are three things to consider before attempting to improve the environment in classrooms on a campus.

1. Instruction is always the first priority. a. Bad instruction in a good environment = bad instruction. b. Good to great instruction in a bad environment = good to great instruction. c. Good to great instruction in a leveraged environment = enhanced student performance.

2. What the research teaches us about effective classroom environments is that the least we can do… is the most we can do.

3. It is the rare leader who possesses both the stomach and fortitude to address classroom environment issues, at scale.

See the chart below. The areas highlighted with the color GREEN represent areas of correlation.

T-TESS Domain 3: Learning Environment

PowerWalks Modules

Environment, Routines and Procedures 3.1 Managing Student Behavior 3.2 Classroom Culture 3.3
Instructor Location
Pupil Engagement
Lesson Framing
High Yield Practices
Instructional Rigor
Instructional Relevance
Classroom Climate

PowerWalks Alignment and Correlation to Domain 3  As a teacher gets better at the best practice addressed in the six PowerWalks modules, the appraiser is provided subjective evidence that the elements of T-TESS Domain 3 are being addressed.

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