The Classroom Observer Paradox… the fewer observations one does, the more that person thinks he knows.  The more observations one does, the more that person knows he does not know.

This is why the “Power Walkers” never freak out over one short observation. It tells them nothing… one short observation is a random wisp of time.  It essentially means nothing.

But with 15 to 20 short observations, a seasoned observer can create a fairly accurate trend line of typical teacher practice. And with that trend line, the teacher and observer can take informed actions that improve the quality of instruction over time.

And with every 300 short observations, a seasoned observer will figure out something that previously was unfathomable.

There is no way to cheat this process, either you put in the time or you operate blind. When it comes to classroom observations, the real “Know It All’s” are the “Don’t Know It All’s”   

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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