In response to the 5/11/12 post, “Red Shirt Your Freshmen – Part 1” the LYS Superintendent continues:

… Granted. But for some districts (like the one I just joined) this is a high stakes chess game.  When you are one of the districts at the bottom of performance rankings, saving the King is all that matters.  The King in this case is the district itself.  Which of course means getting the needed scores. 

The district I was considering in the previous post failed its fiscal ratings multiple times. Last year it finally got that fixed.  But then academic performance dropped, making it Improvement Required.  With the multiple years of failure (even though they were unrelated) the district is now on the shutdown list. 

Obviously, neither of us would advocate putting children at risk…

But we didn’t invent this ridiculous accountability game, the state did.  We just have to recognize that some districts are playing the game with the state’s loaded pistol pointed at their head.

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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