A LYS Assistant Superintendent writes:


I know that you probably get emails with positive comments cheering you on all the time, but keep up the great work.  I love what you are doing for education!

SC Response Thank you! Though it doesn’t happen all the time (see yesterday’s post), the vast majority of the comments I receive are positive.  And those comments, like yours, let me know that the work that all of us in the LYS Nation are doing is vital, important, and needs a forum.

Then there are the negative comments from readers who happen upon the blog.  And even more than the positive comments, those comments let me know that we have to keep educating the public about what our mission is in education and that we, educators, have to tell our story. A story of facts, reality, enlightenment, and improving an entire citizenry.

Because the story of our (public educators) daily work is neither the agenda nor the propaganda of those marshaled against public education.

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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