There are those that don’t understand the power of reflective observation.  They mistakenly believe that there is nothing to learn after a few cursory visits to a classroom.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, the most important key to building insight and deeper understanding about teaching and learning is to engage in a steady volume of daily classroom observation.  What we have learned over the past ten years is that after about every 300 classroom observations, the observer will notice, discern, and/or learn something new… something that was previously hidden. It is the “Eureka” moment, and there is nothing else like it in instructional leadership.

In this pursuit, there is the PowerWalks Legendary Leadership Badge that is earned every 300th PowerWalks Observation. The following instructional leaders have already earned the Legendary Leadership Badge for the 2015/2016 school year (as of 3/31/16).

Three Badges Pattie Myers: October 2015; December 2015; March 2016

Two Badges Shannon Clancy: December 2015; March 2016 Edward Husk: October 2015: March 2016 Karen Ivy: November 2015; March 2016

Shelia Ochoa: December 2015; March 2016 Robin Rice: February 2016; March 2016 Steve Sherrouse: October 2015; March 2016 Christina Spears: December 2015; March 2016

Wes Brown: October 2015; February 2016 Denise Poland: December 2015; February 2016 Cody White: December 2015; February 2016

Glenn Barnes:  November 2015; January 2016 Todd Durham: October 2015; January 2016 Van LeJeune: October 2015; January 2016 Nassrin Spencer: October 2015; January 2016

Janie Snyder: November 2015; December 2015

One Badge Ariel Aleman: March 2016 Joan Alvey: March 2016 Matt Ammerman: March 2016 Ashley Brauchi: March 2016 Norma Briseno: March 2016 Marianne Buentello: March 2016 Carla Butler: March 2016

DeDe Conaway: March 2016 Linda Cox: March 2016 Tonia Cummings: March 2016 Rocky Ford: March 2016 Clinton Grange: March 2016 Valerie Hammit: March 2016 Karen Hart: March 2016 Emily Laurence: March 2016 Scott Rogers: March 2016 Scott Schneider: March 2016 Elizabeth Scott: March 2016 Mindy Sides: March 2016 Jennifer Soileau: March 2016 Fred Steubing: March 2016 Twyla Thomas: March 2016 Monica Waggoner: March 2016 Sandy Williamson: March 2016

Marissa Bell: February 2016 Vernon Berckmoes: February 2016 Denise Bird: February 2016 Sean Cain: February 2016 Marisol Candelaria: February 2016 Michael Cano: February 2016 Stella Chen: February 2016 Michael Clifton: February 2016 Tonia Cummings: February 2016 Mary Giles: February 2016 Jeff Groseclose: February 2016 Michael Hannum: February 2016 Brandon Harris: February 2016 Julie Hinson: February 2016 Kathy Horvath: February 2016 Derieco Irvin: February 2016 Chris Johnstone: February 2016 David Knobloch: February 2016 Mike Laird: February 2016 Grezelda Ligons: February 2016 Steve Lucas: February 2016 Drew McConnaughhay: February 2016 Tania Merik: February 2016 Keith Owen: February 2016 Regina Raiborn: February 2016 James Russell: February 2016 Janie Snyder: February 2016 Sherrie Tolbert: February 2016 Rose Tran: February 2016 Lisa Watson: February 2016 Brad Weston: February 2016 George Wollenzien: February 2016

Lynn Anderson: January 2016 Teresa Bodey: January 2016 Denise Collins: January 2016 Francisco Delgado: January 2016 Demetrio Garcia: January 2016 Donny Hearn: January 2016 Paige Johnson: January 2016 Daniel Kotara: January 2016 Chesta Schneider: January 2016 Lisa Weaver: January 2016

Pete Armstrong: December 2015 Anna Bryant: December 2015 Shele Coburn: December 2015 LuJean Daniel: December 2015 Charlotte Goudeau: December 2015 GayLynn Holt: December 2015 Gail Johnson: December 2015 Stephen McCanless: December 2015 Kimberly McKnight: December 2015 Edna O’Bryant: December 2015 Dawn O’Connor: December 2015 Rebecca Smith: December 2015 Marti Turner: December 2015 Tamika Washington: December 2015 Pamela Williams: December 2015

Esther Boateng: November 2015 Shirley Jenkins: November 2015 Ana Lopez: November 2015 Erica Moody: November 2015 Jeffrey Smith: November 2015 Sheila Stephens: November 2015 Sandra Wilson: November 2015    Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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