Recently, I was talking to a first year Assistant Principal who was explaining the challenges of school administration to me (the AP had no idea who I was). I let the AP talk because I’m always interested in the mindset of the person who is new to the job.  After the conversation, it got me thinking about what are some hacks that old administrator, Sean Cain, could go back and share with first year administrator, Sean Cain.  Here are my top 5…

Number 5: It’s OK not to have an immediate answer for every question.

Number 4: Take care of student discipline in the hallway, outside the classroom, not in your office.

Number 3: Always carry a clipboard.

Number 2: If you have a problem with the Boss, it’s your problem.

Number 1: The written apology letter to the offended teacher is the best consequence for student sent to the office, for almost every offense.

All right old timers, what hacks would you share with the younger you?  

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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