Now is the time when principals begin to think about staffing assignments for the upcoming year.  Let me help you with that decision making process.

1. Your best teachers have to teach the courses that are most important to the campus.  And like it or not, the courses that are most important to the campus are the state tested courses.  What this means is if 10th grade English is the state tested course, then your best English teacher has to teach 10th grade English, not 12th grade AP English.

2. Your second best teachers have to teach the most at-risk/fragile kids. Using our High School English example from above, what this means is that the second best English teachers have to teach the Freshman who barely passed English as 8th graders.

3. Your least experienced teachers have to teach the students in the best position to be independent learners, if necessary.  Using our English example, these teachers would teach the 11th and 12th grade honors courses.

Now you may be asking, what about my worst teachers? That’s simple. If you allow your worst teachers to stay on your campus and continue to teach students, then you aren’t leading, you are managing.  

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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