The Big Voucher Lie: We need to create, provide and protect the rights of parents to have school choice. 

This is not only a lie… it is a DAMN lie. 

We have school choice.  In Texas, where I reside, every parent has the ability to enroll his or her child in…

1. Essentially any traditional public school that has space.

2. Any charter school or public magnet school where the child meets the school’s entrance requirements.

3. Any private school where the child meets the entrance requirements and the parent can afford the tuition.

4. Their own home school program, where they can actually CHOOSE to NOT educate their child.

In spite of what the pro-choice proponents would like you to believe, this parent educational setting choice is NOT under attack.  So what we have here is yet another example of “Liars, Damn Liars, and Politicians.”

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