Whenever we train staff the intent is to increase both the quantity and quality of targeted practice.  That is a realistic expectation.  To expect both to occur at the same time is to either expect the impossible or to be boarder line delusional.

Quantity and quality can both improve over time, just not at the same time.  In recognition of this, with any training, there must be a planned for, monitored and supported Quantity / Quality Cycle.

It works like this.  The staff is trained, initially.  The expectation is that staff attempts to implement the training, with next to no expectation of quality. Just start doing something that resembles the desired practice. Jerky, mechanical, rough, and/or imperfect at the new thing are all better than not doing the new thing. The primary goal is simply to increase quantity.

Once quantity targets are being met, retrain the staff (yes, on what they were trained on initially).  Now the focus is to improve the quality of the delivered practice. What leadership must recognize is with a focus on quality, quantity will drop (but will still be higher than baseline practice). Once a realistic quality target is met (not your final goal), retrain again. This time, once more, targeting quantity.

By running through multiple Quantity / Quality cycles the staff will become exceedingly proficient in the better practice. Especially in comparison to the typical campus that does one-shot trainings, always expecting the Moon, and always ending up frustrated. 

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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