In response to the 6/24/2015 post, “Exactly How Many Guns Do We Need,” a LYS reader writes:


I am wondering why you continue to get write from an anti-gun stance and its predictable rhetoric. I have no desire to receive these types of political posts with a definite agenda. Please remove me from the blog roll.

Thank you.

SC Response As you are aware, the majority of the posts I write are either about the nuts and bolts of school operations, or the practices of better school leadership.  But yes, without question, I will and do write about larger issues that effect our ability to provide a quality education for those that we serve.  Which means that politics can be the topic of the day.  

I would respectfully disagree with your statement that I am voicing an anti-gun opinion.  As I stated in the post, I am a life long gun owner and hunter.

I am not Anti-gun.  

But I am also not Pro-gun. 

The issue is not that simple. I am fully aware of and completely respect the awesome destructive power and life altering / taking capability of firearms. And due to that understanding, if one were to label me, I would be Reasonable-gun.  

Reasonable-gun… That uncomfortable middle ground that makes you a target (no pun intended) of both ends of the gun debate spectrum.  This is why I occasionally write (and will continue to write) on the topic.  This act represents my limited attempt to open a dialogue on a topic that seemingly generates only knee-jerk responses.   

You can of course unsubscribe from the blog, but I would rather you write a rebuttal.  Make the compelling case of where my argument is flawed. Because that represents the spirit and purpose of this blog; to create the arena of ideas, sometimes similar, sometimes conflicting, that generates deeper thought and meaningful action.

The choice is yours.

This is the last I will write on this topic for a while. A reasoned rebuttal is welcomed.

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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