In response to the 6/24/2015 post, “Exactly How Many Guns Do We Need,” a LYS reader writes:


I do not believe that everyone being armed with guns is going to stop every racist or terrorist from committing crimes, however if someone else in the proximity to a crime or terrorist act were armed it could prevent the loss of additional lives.  This being said I don’t believe that it would be a good practice for every citizen to walk around on the streets armed with a handgun.

I am also not certain that I agree with your statement that the right to vote is necessarily more important than the right to bear arms, as well as the statement that, “it is more difficult to vote than it is to purchase a gun.” 

I believe that the right to vote and the right to bear arms are both important and that anyone voting should be required to present documentation that they are a citizen of the United States; whatever that documentation may be.  Many of our politicians object that people should not have to present documentation to vote, yet they want to require this same documentation or more to purchase a firearms.   At this time it is not more difficult to vote than to purchase a gun.  There is an ongoing fight to require more and more documentation to purchase a gun and less and less to be able to vote.

I believe that those people who would advocate stricter and stricter gun control usually have their own hidden agenda which many times has nothing to do with crime in the streets.  The restriction of gun sales is not going to prevent criminals, terrorists, etc. from finding and purchasing guns as well as using them to commit crimes.  Restrictions on gun sales would only make it harder for law abiding citizens to purchase guns.  To think that you will always have law enforcement around when you are in need is naïve.  There are many instances when you or your family may be in need of protection and you have to rely on yourself to defend them.  In a perfect world this would not be the case, however we do not yet live in a perfect world.

I believe that the attack on our “right to bear arms” is just one more attack on our freedoms in this country.  Unfortunately, in recent days I have seen an increase in attacks on our personal liberties in this country in all areas.  I believe that each time we give up an individual right to the government it becomes easier and easier for them to take additional freedoms.  I believe that government should rule in its least restrictive form.  Our government has continued to grow and grow, and as it has done so it has taken away many of the rights that individuals used to enjoy.  In some cases we see these laws as benefitting the common good, but in other cases we see them as unnecessary intrusions into our daily lives.

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