SB4 allows Texas businesses to take a portion of their taxes and dedicate them to a fund that will provide vouchers to parents who wish to send their children to private schools.  This bill is tantamount to Senate theft of public funds to pay for private wants.

Let me explain.  Texas businesses pay taxes.  These taxes go into the general fund and pay for state government.  Roads, hospitals, parks, schools, law enforcement, etc.  Because Texas Politicians believe that taxation is bad, these services are provided on essentially a “duct tape and baling wire budget.” In spite of the agenda driven political rhetoric we hear everyday, Texans are not over-taxed. 

So now to the theft.  SB4 allows businesses to self-select to not send a portion of their taxes to the general fund.  They can send their taxes to the (if enacted) voucher pool. This takes money away from the roads, hospitals, parks, schools and law enforcement that we all use, to pay for private schools for a few select families. If this sounds like they are stealing from all of us to pay for private services that most of us have no need or access to, it is because that is the case. If it sounds like the Senate values the wants of Special Interests more than the needs of the public, it is because that is the case.

It’s too late to tell your Senator and the Lt. Governor that this is a bad idea and bad policy. They are not listening to the majority of the state. They are acting for the small faction that funds their campaigns.  Instead, it is your State Reprehensive that you should contact. The house will either kill the bill or pass it.  You can still impact their decision.       

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