So the proponents of Senate Bill 4 are appalled, APPALLED I tell you, that anyone would call their backdoor voucher program, a “VOUCHER PROGRAM.”  It seems that Senate Bill 4 is simply a scholarship program funded and operated by better people than us who only want to save victimized children. Don’t you ingrate, lazy, heathen, unwashed public school folk understand that?

Why just look at why SB4 is not a voucher program.

Under the current system:

1. A business owes taxes.

2. A business pays its tax bill.

3. The tax revenue goes to pay for state services (which includes public education).

Obviously, this system is flawed.  Not flawed because it is inadequately funded to address public health, law enforcement, roads, social services and public schools.  No it is flawed because it doesn’t have a process to subsidize those who CHOOSE not to partake of state services.

Here’s how things will work under the new improved (still proposed) SB 4 system:

1. A business owes taxes.

2. A business pays most of its tax bill.

3. A business “DONATES” the remaining balance of its tax bill to a private school scholarship program.

4. This remaining, now reduced tax revenue still has to pay for the same level of state services that were provided previously.

5. The private school scholarship program subsidizes the tuition costs of students whose parents CHOOSE to send them to private school.

Don’t you understand? This state sanctioned subsidy of private school choice for the affluent and closet segregationist is nothing like a voucher. 

Obviously, this is much ado about nothing. Just move along. And above all, don’t infringe on your day by contacting your state representative and talking to him/her about this. After all, aren’t you already busy with your full time job of being a “Godless, Monopolistic, Communist?”   Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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