A common mistake among public school educators is to ignore the state level politics of schools.  We seemingly believe that doing the yeoman’s work of educating and caring for the children of our communities will garner the respect and gratitude of those we serve.  Sadly, in the current political environment we could not be more wrong. Our elected representatives, especially those in the Texas Senate openly despise public education and by extension, educators.

Texas public schools are governed by duly elected school board members and manned by dedicated public servants.  These two groups work diligently to meet ever increasing state mandates with increasingly inadequate resources.  And it can honestly be stated and objectively proven that the quality of education currently provided to the school children of Texas exceeds what was provided in any previous generation.

But based on my recent observation, the Texas Senate is not governed by honest statements and objective proof.  Instead they state in public hearings that today’s public schools are a monstrosity (Sen. Donna Campbell).  They invite testimony that trades in lies, such as, we have a 40% dropout rate (Phil Gramm).  They tilt at a Common Core windmill that has absolutely no standing in Texas. Which makes about as much sense as a Texas gardener worried about giraffes eating her roses. So much ado about nothing…

Which brings me to this.  If we, the public school educators in Texas do not speak to the right people, now… Things are going to get much worse before they ever get better.  

So who are the right people?  First, start with Governor Abbott, Lt. Governor Patrick, and your State Senator.  Call their office and let them know you vote, you do not appreciate the attack on public education and you have a long memory.  Then follow that up with a letter.  Finally, talk to your neighbors and friends.  Let them know that in regards to education, they are being lied to and you are being vilified.

The Texas Senate is in session and is purposefully working to dismantle one of the pillars of our democracy, Public Schools.  Speak up and let the right people know what you actually think about that.

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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