Come Hell or high water, the Texas Senate is bent on taking public money and disbursing it to private entities.  Think of this as the Anti-Robin Hood Plan.   Here’s how it works.

First the Senate proposes a budget that that reduces tax revenue by about $4 billion dollars.  This means less money for infrastructure, maintenance and social services… statewide.

Then the Senate proposes creating a line item business tax deduction of $100 million to fund private school scholarships.  Which means that the cut to the state budget would actually be $4.1 billion. 

So I’ll subtract all the pretty political language and smoke and mirrors and tell you what this really means.

The Texas Senate believes that it is more important to subsidize private schools for the few than to provide for better roads, hospitals, medical care, public higher education, public schools and law enforcement for the state as a whole.

The Texas Senate believes that it is better to take from the public to enrich and support private entities.  I don’t know what you call this, but my Momma taught me that this is tantamount to stealing.

If it sounds like stealing to you, call your State Senator, Governor Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick and tell them that you oppose Senate Bill 4 (which should be known as The Sheriff of Nottingham Plan), you have a long memory, and most importantly… You Vote!

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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