Locus of Control

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Do you have an external or internal locus of control? Meaning, do you see what happens be driven more by what is done to you or what you do?  This has nothing to do with intelligence. Your locus of control drives how you see the world and how you react to it.  Let’s look at school performance and locus of control for educators

Educators with an external locus of control look at schools and reach the conclusion that it is unfair to hold schools accountable due to all the factors schools cannot control.  Poverty, divorce, abuse, language difficulties, disabilities, lack of funding, etc.  And do you know what?  They are right. And they are wrong.

Educators with an internal locus of control look at schools and reach the conclusions that we must hold schools accountable due to all the factors schools control.  Instructional practices, schedules, content, direct student contact, etc. And do you know what? They are right. And they are wrong.

So on a practical level what does this mean? It means that education is a calling that forces educators to face the highest highs and lowest lows.  Sometimes on a daily basis.  It also means that for every educator who subscribes that we can and should do more there is one who subscribes to there is nothing else we can do.  Which means as an instructional leader it is important to chart a course of reality based optimism. This will build your credibity with every teacher on your staff.   

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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