There are a number of voices in our profession that make the valid case that schools cannot be expected to do more than what is currently done in the face of very real ills of society.  Poverty, lack of a safety net, broken homes, racism, etc.

Too many of us believe that good enough is good enough.

But it is not. 

Yes, the world is a hard, cruel place; especially for children. 

Yes, by policy and practice, our legislatures in an attempt to disincentivize adult behaviors are victimizing children at a horrifying scale.  

Yes, the layperson that fancies him/herself an expert in education has no idea what it takes to run a classroom, much less a school.

Which is why good enough is not good enough. Good enough plays right into the hand of the Anti’s.  The Anti’s: Those who are Anti-equity, Anti-opportunity, Anti-inclusion, and Anti-public education.

We, the Educators, are the nexus between poverty and a better life.  We are the nexus between fear and understanding.  We are the nexus between ignorance and enlightenment.

What we do, now more than ever, requires significantly more than good enough.

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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