I live in a city that provides police protection and law enforcement services.  Most people would consider this to be a good thing.  However, based on my strongly held beliefs, world view, and moral principles, I cannot abide with either the level of service provided by or the underlying philosophy that guides the local law enforcement agency. Throw in the “bad apple” cops from other cities that I have seen reported on television, the speeding ticket I received last week, the fact that I pay taxes and…  Enough is enough.

There are private security firms in my city and I want a voucher to hire them to provide me and my family the level of police protection that meets my clearly articulated and unique needs.  Additionally, there is no need for governmental oversight of the private firm that I hire with my voucher.  Because as a layperson, I am eminently qualified to determine the effectiveness of the protection services provided.

After all, it is only fair and logical that OUR (but mostly YOUR) tax money follows MY patrolled house. 

Call it, “Law Enforcement Choice.”

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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