In response to the 2/13/2015 post, “The Manufactured We Must Save Students From Failing Schools Myth,” a number of LYSers sent in comments.  Here are a few.

LYS Principal And that deserves a Hallelujah and an Amen!!

LYS Principal So when are you going to tell us what you really think about this?  Great piece!

LYS Superintendent A Freaking Awesome Post!

LYS Assistant Superintendent No one writes posts like this.  This is why I read the blog everyday.

LYS Teacher Thank you, I wish more educators would speak up like you do.

SC Response LYS Nation, here’s the deal. We have to do more that just wring our hands.  While the Legislature is in session (NOW), you have to call and write your State Senator, State Representative, Lt. Governor Patrick, and Governor Abbott.  Let them know, clearly and professionally, that you are against this, you vote, and you talk to your neighbors.  Our elected representatives equate “no comments” to be voter agreement.  If this is important to you, you must act to make it clear that is not the case.

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