In response to the 2/18/2015 post, “The Flawed Logic of My Money Should Follow My Child,” a reader writes:


I totally agree with your argument. If a parent wishes to utilize their own dollar to move their child to a private school, let them; However, it is not okay to take my tax dollar too. I truly do not believe the general public knows their tax dollars will be educating others in a private school setting because that is not the rhetoric being blasted from our elected leaders in Austin. I am too a product of public education.

SC Response You are right. A lot of inconvenient facts are being glossed over by “School Choice / Pro- Voucher” advocates.  And they know their best chance of forcing their agenda on the general public is to talk the most and talk the loudest.

Which leaves it up to us to educate (this makes sense, after all we are the teachers) the general public.

And there is a good chance that your non-educators friends want to know your opinion.  For example, my own accountant went from a  “what’s so bad about a voucher” voter to a “vouchers are bad public policy” voter just by my explaining to him that:

1. It will be his school tax dollars that will be subsidizing the vouchers for “school choicers.”

2. Vouchers this will hurt the public schools in his community.  The same schools that educated his children and now his grandchildren.

If ever there was a time to step up and lead, this is it.

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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