In response to the posts, “Does the Passing Standard Matter,” “Does the Passing Standard Matter – Part 1,” and “Does the Passing Standard Matter – Part 2,” another LYS Curriculum Specialist writes:


I can’t stop thinking about this conversation strand.  I don’t think this should be about the teachers.  It is about the kids and what TEKS they are not learning and/or in need of intentional interventions.  A score that is low will be low no matter what grade cut-off level you use.  Teaching kids is the priority, not stroking adult egos.  Teachers need to face the reality that if they have several students who didn’t pass a particular TEKS then they need to change something in their content or delivery, not change the test. 

Stepping off the soap box…   

SC Response I could not agree more. Keep the focus on the Iron Rule:

1. Teach the right thing. 2. Teach the right thing better 3. Teach the right thing, better, longer.

The use the checkpoint results to inform our next instructional decisions.

Be disciplined in the above and the scores will eventually take care of themselves.

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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