A Principal recently asked me if I thought re-training staff on specific instructional practices was, “Redundant?”

The answer is, “Absolutely not.”  Every instructional leader should commit the following to memory:

1. Awareness does not equal implementation. 2. Implementation does not equal expertise.

Awareness does not equal implementation is better known as the “Knowing – Doing Gap.”  A well-documented and common occurrence in school operations.  But just getting staff to just do the things that have been agreed to is not enough.  It is only the first step.

Even on campuses that are beginning to implement best practice, the understanding of how the practices interact with existing practice represents a significant blind spot.  To build this level of understanding, at scale, requires structure, process and leadership intent. 

The Structured Process: Focused training; Classroom implementation, Focused reflection; Repeat. 

The Leadership Intent: Work the process cycle continuously throughout the school year.

Re-training isn’t redundant.  Re-training allows staff to bring an ever-increasing skill set to the training room, which then positions them to better implement intentional practices in the classroom.

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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