In furtherance of a LYS Nation tradition, we will take this time to tip our caps to the campuses that have embraced the most important step in creating and maintaining an action oriented professional learning community.  These are the campuses that have conducted an extraordinary number of formative classroom observations in a given month. In October, the Hero Schools met or exceeded the targets below:

Big Schools – 325 PowerWalks Observations Medium Sized Schools – 225 PowerWalks Observations Small Schools – 125 PowerWalks Observations Very Small Schools – 65 PowerWalks Observations.

For November, due to the Thanksgiving holiday, we will adjust to the targets listed below:

The November Hero School Targets Big Schools – 250 PowerWalks Observations Medium Sized Schools – 175 PowerWalks Observations Small Schools – 95 PowerWalks Observations Very Small Schools – 50 PowerWalks Observations.

For the record, the schools in the LYS nation conducted a total of 14,136 PowerWalks observations this past month.  But enough stalling. Without further ado, here are your thirty-nine PowerWalks Hero Schools for the month of October 2014.  Congratulations!!!

Elementary Schools Junior High & Middle Schools Alternative Schools Combined Campuses High Schools
Raymond E. Curtis ES (WISD – small school): 656 Magnolia JH (MISD – midsized school): 346 San Marcos School (JWPCS – very small school): 207 Louis Schools (LISD – small school): 270 Morton Ranch HS (KISD – large school): 575
Winona ES / IS (WISD – small school): 619 Big Spring JH (BSISD – midsized school): 300 Afton Oaks School (JWPCS – very small school): 71 Frost Schools (FISD – very small school): 82 Fairdale HS (JCPS – large school): 531
David Crockett ES (WISD – small school): 537 Big Spring IS (BSISD – small school): 284 Weatherford HS (WISD – large school): 428
Rennell ES (CFISD – midsized school): 446 Hutto MS (HISD – midsized school): 232 Iroquois HS (JCPS – large school): 331
Marlin ES (MISD – very small school): 384 Shirley Hall MS (WISD – midsized school): 227 Dublin HS (DISD – small school): 287
Refugio ES (RISD – small school): 351 Dublin IS (DISD – very small school): 151 Big Spring HS (BSISD – midsized school): 269
Juan N. Seguin ES (WISD – small school): 309 Marlin MS (MISD – very small school): 85 Weatherford 9th Grade Center (WISD – small school): 217
Ray ES (HISD – small school): 303 Marlin HS (MISD – very small school): 82
Marcy ES (BSISD – small school): 296
Washington ES (BSISD – small school): 281
Johnson ES (HISD – small school): 270
Dublin ES (DISD – very small school): 265
Veterans’ Hill ES (HISD – small school): 202
Bill W. Wright ES (WISD – small school): 202
Goliad ES (BSISD – small school): 184
Bose Ikard ES (WISD – small school): 184
Mary Martin ES (WISD – small school): 172
Moss ES (BSISD – small school): 172
Hutto ES (HISD – small school): 156
Stephen F. Austin ES (WISD – small school): 143

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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