In response to the 5/21/14 post, “Who Defines the Campus,” a LYS Principal writes:


Bulls Eye!! You have just described what has driven me throughout my career. From Teacher to Principal.

SC Response I have to admit, I have never understood the typical educator’s aversion to accountability… up to this point.  The farce that the state currently presents as an accountability system is so hopelessly defective that it can only be described as a punch line to a really bad joke. But I digress…

My teams and I welcomed accountability.  It set a bar, forced our campus to question the status quo, and kept us searching and honing our craft.  We took pride in exceeding expectations and knowing that our students were better off on our campus than the campus down the street.  One of the proudest moments of my career was when I heard an Assistant Principal share with a new teacher, “There are state standards, district standards and Mr. Cain’s standards.”

The teacher asked, “Which is the most important?”

The reply, “Cain’s. We play a different game here.” 

Regardless of external factors, the exceptional teacher, principal and school play a different game.  

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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