I read recently (I wrote down the idea, not the source) that you increase your chance of achieving a goal when you write it down, BY HAND.  This is much more powerful than verbalizing the goal or even typing it. For as crazy as this may sound, it makes sense based on what we know about critical writing. 

Critical writing is the process of connecting subconscious concepts and ideas and making those connections, concepts and ideas conscious, real, and tangible thru the physical act of writing.

So here is the critical writing effect on goal accomplishment.

I think I want to do something; I get distracted and that thought evaporates.

I say I want to do something: I get busy and what I said becomes open to interpretation.

I write down that I want to do something; Even if want to change my mind the commitment is “real” and my permanent written record holds me accountable.

If it is important, meaningful or critical… Grab a pen and write it down.

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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