A number of you in the LYS Nation are now Twitter users.  If you haven’t done so yet, we want you to join us.  To let you see what you are missing, here are the Top 10 LYS Tweets from the week of August 17, 2014.

1. “The great news is that the BEST days of education are RIGHT in front of us!” (By @cindybogart2013)

2. The Fundamental 5 is the ticket to college readiness as well as closing the achievement gap…We can make a difference. (By @GBLobo75)

3. Have students write more. Period. (By @sgorres)

4. The more students talk purposefully, the better they write critically.  Fact! (By @carikers)

5. Consistency is paramount when a student has seven or eight bosses during the school day. (By @TinneyTroy)

6. The framing of the lesson follows the same setup as readers’ and writers’ workshop mini-lessons. (By @AlyssaKnorr)

7. Writing to learn has to precede writing academically for a purpose. Kids need time in the writing saddle. (By @TinneyTroy)

8. Should we wonder why some parents come to school on the defensive when our only communications with them about their child have been negative? (By @BluntEducator)

9. Getting teachers into each other’s classrooms while teaching is an excellent way to improve instruction and school. (By @rachelwalker70)

10. Officially notified that The Fundamental 5 (Cain & Laird) has eclipsed 64,000 copies sold! Thank you, LYS Nation!! (By @LYSNation)

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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