The early feedback on the launch of the improved PowerWalks Instructional Observation System has been fantastic.  Here is a small sample:

We really like the new system!  The observer notes is really a great feature.  And we love the Rigor/Relevance/Relationship report. We are fans!

I love the new streamlined format and faster speeds! The best observation tool just got better.

I love the new PowerWalks! Displaying a running tally creates a friendly competition between colleagues and schools. And the focus on only positive practice is genius. Good work!  

This is great! We love the new layout and the improved surveys. Thanks!

SC Response The roll out of any new technology is always a multi-step process, but the switch to the new PowerWalks has been close to seamless. For those of you who missed the announcement last week the PowerWalks site looks different (better), but the basic operations remain the same, with the following enhancements:

The primary classroom observation survey has been streamlined and now focuses on only the positive elements of instructional best practice.

For managing users, there is the ability to create custom observation elements for campuses.

The PowerWalks Instructional Observation System will alert the observer when the most powerful elements of best practice have been observed and will send a positive note to the teacher.

Report building has been streamlined to just a one screen operation.

Additional standing (pre-built) reports have been included on your personal report page.

Report generation speed has been significantly upgraded. 

To be added in the next few weeks, both an Android and Apple App for use on campuses with inconsistent connectivity and a narrative coaching report to facilitate staff coaching meetings and conversations.

Let us know what you think about the new version of PowerWalks.

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