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If you are an educator who no longer has instructional responsibilities (that means everyone who is no longer a classroom teacher) the most important thing you can do to support teachers is to observe instruction, every day.  You see in most schools and most school systems, actual instruction is truly a mystery.  Teachers don’t observe instruction, because they are too busy delivering instruction.  And non-teachers don’t observe instruction, because they are too busy doing stuff and things.  Which means that a true practitioner’s understanding of what works, what doesn’t and the why’s in both instances is missing.  And this missing understanding has a negative impact on every facet of teaching, learning and school operations. 

But YOU can be the vehicle and vessel of deeper instructional understanding and support on your campus.  All you have to do is start visiting classrooms with purpose and reflection, at high volume.  And by high volume I mean at least 500 observations next year.  This is not an impossible task. It is not a difficult talk.  It is, however, a disciplined task.  It requires you to visit 3 to 5 classrooms a day, every day.  And to encourage you in this endeavor and to celebrate the commitment of those already engaged in this process I proudly present the 2013/2014 PowerWalkers.  These are the LYSers that completed at least 500 PowerWalks.  

The PowerWalkers – Class of 2013/2014 (Thirty-four Members)

The 900 Club (One Member) Helen Smith – Bell’s Hill ES – 958

The 800 Club (Three Members) Bevil Cohn – Bell’s Hill ES – 852 Beau Sanchez – Chavez MS – 807 Paula Gifford – Carver MS – 802

The 700 Club (Four Members) Marti Turner – Marlin ES – 738 Stephanie Japort – Bell’s Hill ES – 730 Jackie Casey – Hutto HS – 710 Amanda Martinez – Bell’s Hill ES – 706

The 600 Club (Eight Members) Jeff Kreiger – Kennedale HS – 694 Glenna Jenkins – Bell’s Hill ES – 691 Keith Hannah – Tennyson MS – 688 Sean Cain – LYS – 679 Patti Goforth – Chavez MS – 676 Craig Cox – Chavez MS – 637 Gay Lynn Holt – Dublin ES – 618 Susan Willert – Marlin MS – 605

The 500 Club (Eighteen Members) Rhonda Parker – Dean Highland ES – 598 Bill Shepard – University HS – 598 Jim Davis – LYS – 594 Troy Tinney – University HS – 586 Debi Christensen – San Marcos Treatment Center – 581 John Barbagallo – Fairdale HS – 568 Lindsey Helton – Crestview ES – 550 Tamika Washington – Marlin ES – 546 Yvonne Cox – Ray ES – 539 Cheryl Burris – JH Hines ES – 537 Van LeJeune – Louise Schools – 533 Phillip Perry – Carver MS – 526 Jacob Donnell – Tennyson MS – 522 Shala Williams – Crestview ES – 519 Dara Delony – Brook Ave ES – 515 Daren Childs – Kennedale HS – 513 Brandi Thompson – Kennedale HS – 511 Sara Williams – Dean Highland ES – 507

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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