This past Wednesday (12/11/2013), over 170 educators from across the country registered to hear my webinar, “Improving Instruction Through Fundamental Change.” I want to thank NASSP for making that possible and I want to thank everyone who took time out of his or her busy day to listen to my monologue on the power of fundamental practice in the classroom.  Here is a sample of the comments that came in after the presentation.

“Great Job!  Anyone who missed this needs to go look for it at NASSP.  Tomorrow, I’m going to listen to it again with my Department Chairs.”

“I watched the webinar today! Great stuff! Is there an archived version for the parts I need to hear a 2nd time?”

“Bravo! Well worth the time!”

“Awesome! This definitely helped me see the forest from the trees.”

“The most relevant discussion on instruction I have ever heard.”

And then we got a lot of messages like these:

My entire staff was planning to sit in on your NASSP webinar today at 3:30… guess what?  That was Eastern Standard Time! Do you have a recording? 

Your webinar for Dec. 11, 2013 was posted for 3:30, but I incorrectly assumed it was Central Time, so I missed it. What can I do?

We missed it! Will there be a recording?

I logged in late. What I heard at the end, made me want to hear the beginning.  Is that possible?

We have answers to those questions.

1. Contact LYS and I can come speak to your school / district directly.  I would love the opportunity to meet and work with your team.

2. If you are a PC user, go to

3. If you are a Mac user, click on the link below:

With options 2 and 3, you can listen to the webinar in its entirety. If you have any downloading difficulties, just let us know. Again, thanks to everyone who listened or is going listen.

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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