A LYS Assistant Principal asks the following:


How do you convince prospective employers that an alternative certification as an instructional leader is just as valid as a traditional certification?  Does anyone look beyond the certification and examine objective school improvement and student success?

SC Response I won’t tell you that alternative certification and traditional certification are viewed equally, because they are not.  At least not by most educators.  Whether or not this fair is of little practical use.  The bottom line is that the alternative certified educator is going to have to cast his/her net further and for a longer period of time, to get the first promotion. 

But after the first job, the playing field does level somewhat. And after the second promotion, experience and results take precedence for employers. Move your campus consistently and your certificate (either kind) becomes an overlooked placeholder in your file.

Overall, think of getting the promotion as tournament.  The positions are fewer the higher you go and the competition gets exponentially tougher.  If you want the promotion, you keep making yourself a better candidate until either you get the job or the effort to get the promotion is no longer worth the time and energy expended.  That tipping point is different for every individual.  Just remember that leadership is a volunteer position.  No one is making you apply for the job.  

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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