For those of you in Dallas this past Monday, it was an incredible experience! Nearly 200 educators braved the weather to meet, discuss, learn, and network on how better implement the Fundamental 5 for the purpose of improving student outcomes.  The effort and energy of the attendees was inspiring.  If you missed it, stay tuned because we are going to do it again next Fall! 

And for those of you who are either not Twitter users or were not following #Fun5Summit, here are some of the highlights that were shared.

A. The average person gets 30,000 mornings – are you making the most of yours? (By @CabidaCain)

B. 80% of the time in classrooms Whole Group instruction is observed. High-yield strategies are observed so infrequently it’s like a unicorn sighting. (By @tra_hall)

C. Use student conversation and critical writing as a window into the brain – it allows us to “see” student thinking. (By @CabidaCain)

D. Increased instructional rigor has almost nothing to do with teachers and everything to do with student talking & writing. (By @tra_hall)

E. “The good old days never were… They are now and the great days are to come.” S. Cain (By @jaredpeters23)

F. Students who are acknowledged for working hard choose to pick harder and more challenging assignments. (By @principalschu)

G. Changing old habits are hard. (By @scot_wright)

H. What’s the point of your class TODAY?  Frame the Lesson. (By @scot_wright)

I. Critical writing is not just for ELA teachers. (By @scot_wright)

J. It’s ALL about leadership. Are we focused, do we practice, do we maintain positive energy, are we engaged throughout? (By @CabidaCain)

K. Student performance is driven by adult practice. Habits and routines drive adult practice. (By @scot_wright)

L. Team Canada is representing at The Fundamental 5 INTERNATIONAL Summit! (By @LYSNation)

M. Six weeks tests are three weeks too late. (By @scot_wright)

N. Your data is your students talking to you. Are you going to listen to or ignore their voice? (By @principalschu)

O. Your fragile students give you the most accurate data on the effect of your practices… both effective and not. (By @LYSNation)

P. Thanks, Allen High School for hosting The Summit! (By @scot_wright and every attendee at the conference)

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