In response
to the 3/26/13 post, “Getting Rid of ISS – Part 2,” a LYS Assistant
Superintendent writes:
You may not be surprised to hear that one of your former campuses now
uses ISS. The rationale was to change behavior and keep students in school. The
data shows the same students spend more time in ISS than in class until they
get fed up and escalate the behavior to ensure they get sent home. No one wins.
Everyone loses. It makes me very sad. There are alternatives for dress code
violations that don’t involve being out of class. It just takes a planning,
creativity and leadership will.
SC Response
Sad, but not surprising news. 
It has been 11 years since I left (it seems like it was only last
week).  Maintaining a campus
culture that values student learning above all else is difficult
proposition.  It means that
regularly, you have to advocate for and act on the needs of the voiceless and
powerless (students) over the needs of those with voice, influence and power
(adults).  Without a crystal clear
understanding of the mission of the campus and resolute leadership will, the
base needs of adults (power, order, status, comfort and revenge) will invariably
shape the practices, structures and procedures of the campus.
That in of itself isn’t good or bad.  It just is. 
What I find galling is those who have the experience to know better and
are in a position to temper this, choose not to.
Think. Work. Achieve.
Your turn…
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