In response to the 4/5/2013 post, “Getting Rid of ISS – Part 3,” a reader writes:


I believe we need to be thinking in terms of logical consequences versus punishment. Punishment comes from a seat of power, is arbitrary, and does not always fit the crime. It also leaves the recipient angry and bitter. Logical consequences on the other hand are a logical outshoot of the infraction. Bottom line; ISS is punishment and does not work.

SC Response Amen! At a certain point, usually after years of failure, you realize that if punishment were the answer, there wouldn’t be student discipline problems.  Because one thing that adults are good at is inventing new forms of punishment.  And then it finally dawns on you that you either ignore misbehavior and non-compliance (an unacceptable solution) or you create systems and incentives that extinguish delinquency.

The question becomes what are you going to spend your time on, what works or what doesn’t?

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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