In response to the 6/26/13 post,
“Sometimes It Pays to Play the Game,” a long time LYSer writes:

Your idea is
good IF….  IF means all grade levels become aligned.  IF you moved
all 9th courses to 10th or 11th grade except for ELA, your accountability
scores would be based ONLY on ELA for at least a year or two, which would be
devastating.  Essentially all tested courses (other than ELA 2) should be
aligned to a single grade level.  That makes it complex since there are
two tests in ELA, which means at least two different groups no matter what.
Also, keep in
mind it is very unlikely the current accountability matrix stays in place given
HB5.  In some ways the time we live in is more unknown and dangerous than
SC Response
There are always “If’s.”  For example, if we do nothing, we can
predict results with a high degree of accuracy.  In this case, if we do nothing the students taking the test
with the highest stakes will be our most fragile high school students.  A situation that is far from optimal.
If we do something, there will be
transitional issues and short-term challenges, but in the long run we can
create a more advantageous situation for more students.
And I agree that the legislature
will make more changes to testing and accountability in the next session.  That is the predictable outcome when extremist
agendas and ill-informed opinions provide the rubric for creating education
policy.  Which is why I will repeat
my initial premise.  As an
educational leader, I’m going to play the hand that is dealt to me to protect my
students first and my organization second. If this means we will have to change
from what we have always done in the past, so be it. 
That is leadership.
Think. Work. Achieve.
Your turn…
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