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I hope that you were able to
recharge your batteries, because now is the beginning of crunch time.  Pretenders begin to fade in the second
half; Contenders simply shift it into a higher gear.
We still have a lot to teach and
now we have to do this while dealing with more distractions, increased testing
days and more accountability.  If
there is any good news, it is this. This is the time when most schools see the
difficult row to hoe, then lower their expectations, hunker down and begin to
select the excuses that best explain away their lack of progress and/or
performance. Why is this good news? Because for the schools that pick up the
pace, teach what should be taught and adjust practice based on short-term data,
this is when they separate themselves from their peers and make up ground on
those schools that face less adversity. 
The Old School LYSers live for this time. New LYSers, catch them!  
Think. Work. Achieve.
Your turn…
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Happy Holidays!
PowerWalks Hero Schools (December 2012)

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