The LYS Nation has passed another milestone.  In the current version on the PowerWalks database, Kathryn Ramsey of Hutto Middle School conducted the 200,000th classroom observation on November 28, 2012! Who is going to conduct walk-thru 250,000?

In furtherance of a LYS Nation tradition, we will take this time to tip our caps to the campuses that have embraced the most important step in creating and maintaining an action oriented professional learning community.  These are the campuses that have conducted an extraordinary number of formative classroom observations in a given month.  There were a total of 11,148 PowerWalks conducted during the past month and the November targets for Hero School designation were:

Big Schools – 265 PowerWalks Observations Medium Sized Schools – 190 PowerWalks Observations Small Schools – 115 PowerWalks Observations Very Small Schools – 60 PowerWalks Observations

For the month of December, due to the holiday, we’ll adjust the targets to:

Big Schools – 250 PowerWalks Observations Medium Sized Schools – 175 PowerWalks Observations Small Schools – 105 PowerWalks Observations Very Small Schools – 55 PowerWalks Observations

Now without further adieu, here are your thirty-three PowerWalks Hero Schools for the month of November 2012.  Congratulations!!!

Elementary Schools Junior High and Middle Schools Alternative Schools Combined Campuses High Schools
McFee ES – 616 (CFISD) Chavez MS – 422 (WISD) Hays County – 93 (JWJPCS) Louise Schools – 289 (LISD) Waco HS – 500 (WISD)
JH Hines ES – 369 (WISD) Tennyson MS – 259 (WISD) San Marcos – 88 (JWJPCS) Hutto HS – 470 (HISD)
Bell’s Hill ES – 357 (WISD) Marlin MS – 117 (MISD) Afton Oaks – 62 (JWJPCS) University HS – 347 (WISD)
Dean-Highland ES – 350 (WISD) Tom Bean MS – 63 (TBISD) Tidehaven HS – 82 (TISD)
Rennell ES – 257 (CFISD)
Bill Brown ES – 249 (CISD)
Kendrick ES – 235 (WISD)
Cottonwood Creek ES – 218 (HISD)
South Waco ES – 207 (WISD)
Oak Meadows ES – 207 (MISD)
Provident Heights ES – 205 (WISD)
Crestview ES – 192 (WISD)
Alta Vista ES – 160 (WISD)
Mountainview ES – 155 (WISD)
Specht ES – 146 (CISD)
Ray ES – 145 (HISD)
Cedar Ridge ES – 136 (WISD)
Bulverde ES – 129 (CISD)
West Ave ES – 115 (WISD)
Blessing ES – 78 (TISD)
Markham ES – 76 (TISD)

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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