A LYS Superintendent share the following:


I know how busy your schedule is and I want to thank you for personally training my staff (and yes, I know that you are not the best trainer on the LYS Coaching Staff).  I am one of your biggest fans and have carried lots of water for you with my staff in what is now, multiple districts.

As I sat in the training sessions yesterday, I had to laugh at you joke about superintendents.  It made me think back on our long history.  Yes, I brought some skills to the principalship but you were the one who “raised me” in an accountability/results mode.

Thank you for lifting me up and training me in a “more excellent way.” I am paying this forward by providing my administrators with the same opportunity.

For the kids!

SC Response First of all, that is high praise.  I am humbled by your confidence me.  Know that our esteem for each other is mutual.

Here is what is interesting with the “old-timers” like you and me.  When we talk, our words are concise, but the meaning and understanding of those words are dense.  For example, we say “Foundation Trinity” and we know exactly what we are talking about.  But for someone new to the conversation, to just explain what the Foundation Trinity is requires a minimum three-hour conversation.  And then they still don’t get it until they live it.  When we say “Transparency,” we are talking about information, shared discovery and a constant search for better solutions.  Those new to the conversation hear “risk, evaluation, embarrassment and/or punishment.”

Which is why you sitting in and participating in the training with your principals, central office administrators and campus leaders was real leadership in action.  Like all Superintendents, you have said the words and set new things in motion.  And like all staff, your people have been trying to figure out the boss’, “secret meanings and secret agenda.”   Your actions (always more powerful than words) reiterated that your agenda is improved student performance, better tools for staff and coaching people to new levels of success. Nothing more and nothing hidden.

Yes, we go back a long ways, but when I think of all the things we have learned, my only regret is that we didn’t start earlier. 

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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