In response to the 10/4/12 post, “Consolidation – Part 3,” a long time LYS reader writes:


Did not realize you were partisan. I thought you were politically neutral.

SC Response I’m not partisan. Each year, I pick the primary I will vote in based on the primary candidates I am most interested in or concerned about.  I vote a split ticket in every election because (quote stolen from someone), “I’m smart and I don’t like being half wrong all the time.” The beauty of being non-partisan (if you vote) is that you can freely criticize and/or comment on the actions of those in the political arena, regardless of party. 

But I am not politically neutral.  As we move closer to a critical national and state election, I will remind educators that we must think before we cast our ballots.  The only thing worse than voting based on habit is… not voting.  I have shared with the LYS Nation that I have modified the criteria that I use in determining who receives my vote.  That revised criteria definitely excludes my voting for some candidates in this election, but it does not exclude a specific party, either now or in the future.  In fact, if we as educators (teachers, campus administrators, central office administrators and board members) begin to speak clearly, with a consistent voice (which we don’t); and vote in mass (which we don’t), based on that voice and those votes, both parties will have to move towards us to remain competitive.       

As you know, I am a public school advocate.  My passion is increasing educator effectiveness, expanding student opportunity and improving schools.  That is what I like to write about and discuss.  But like it or not, public schools are a public (hence political) issue.  To simply ignore that fact, leaves the fate of our schools in the hand of those with significantly less expertise in the matter and increasingly contrary agendas.    

Vote. Vote. Vote. Your turn…

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