In response to the 8/16/12 post, “Consolidation – Part 2” a LYS Superintendent writes:


Great response. I love your answer, but how do we overcome this dilemma and expose the far right’s agenda and their hijacking of a political party to the public?  After witnessing the 15% rule fall this past spring it looks like “Mad Mommas” are the best way to grab the legislature’s attention.  How do we get parents to understand how public schools are being dismantled? I am frustrated like the original reader and it seems like the continuous effort to fight for public education against this hostile agenda continues to take away from our mission of ensuring that our students learn and that we prepare them for their future.

SC Response At one time I thought the answer was to better educate our constituents about the reality of the far right’s anti-egalitarian agenda.  And I have been doing that for the past couple of years, against the advice of some of those who have my best interest at heart.  But over the past twelve months I have come to the firm conclusion that problem really lies with us, educators.  As a group, we consistently vote for those who have no appreciation for the service that we provide and no respect for those of us that provide it. 

Because of the unique skill set that I possess and some advantageous connections, I have been in the closed-door meetings with real power brokers.  Romney’s 47% comment did not surprise me; I’ve heard it before.  So when I’m presenting to large group of educators (which occurs multiple times a month), I regularly point out that our current lack of resources, overcrowded classrooms, and punitive accountability system are all part of an orchestrated plan, executed by those who have held political power for the past decade.  The overwhelming audience response? Usually groans, sometimes anger and the occasional question of, “Well, whom should we vote for?”

To which I answer, “The opposition.”

That receives the universal reply of, “Well… I can’t do that.”

I hate to sound pessimistic, but it is a lonely battle when the people you are fighting for aren’t willing to do the one thing that will further their cause – simply vote for those who believe in and will work to further the promise of public education.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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