An Old School LYS’er submits the following:

I am sure it has been said before, but in the midst of my “Leadership Morning Reading” (and posting in Project Share), I was inspired by the following thought:

Sean Cain, of Lead Your School, promotes the concept of the “Power Zone” for teachers as they work in the classroom. As a colleague encouraged our teachers, “We plan on our seat and teach on our feet.” The concept illustrates the need to be engaged with students in the midst of students and not from behind a desk or a lectern. The best teaching comes when the teacher can put hands on the work of the students. The same can be said for leaders in other venues. The most successful and effective leadership comes not from behind a desk or boardroom door but from working in the midst of those you are leading and serving. This is our Power Zone.

But, it reminds me, too, that we need to keep our team members in their Power Zone as well. That is where they work from their strengths and not their weaknesses. Knowing the appropriate place for each person and being in place with each person builds success so that the team setting becomes a “Power Zone.”

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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