In response to the recent posts listing top ten schools the following comments were sent in. First up: SC, I love to see this. As a graduate of Ed White Elementary School, I am glad to know that great education is still taking place in spite of urban challenges. As a matter of fact, my PE teacher, Mr. “D” is still at Ed White 32 years after I left. That is amazing. I am also glad to see Sutton on the list. Setting a good foundation for future Sharpstown Apollos! If they can do it, no one has an excuse. Light a fire and get it done. And from the LYS Office: The principal at Plains HS called today. They were fired up at their staff meeting this morning! He called to say thanks for doing the list and also to let you know they were actually Recognized rather than Acceptable (SC Note: My bad!). I mentioned that you are presenting at Region 16 next week (SC Note: It’s today!) and he asked me to send him the link for registration (SC Note: Hope you show up!) Then a LYS Superintendent asked: SC, We’re any of 2011 top schools repeaters in the Top Ten from years before? SC Response Great question, I won’t breakdown all the categories but for the overall Top Ten’s, there were repeaters and three-peaters. The schools are listed alphabetically. Elementary “Overall” Top Ten Repeats (2011 & 2010)

  • Aoy Elementary (El Paso ISD)
  • Kennedy Elementary (Houston ISD)
  • Park Place Elementary (Houston ISD)

Elementary “Overall” Top Ten Three-peats (2011, 2010 & 2009)

  • J. Henderson Elementary (Houston ISD)
  • Lyons Elementary (Houston ISD)
  • White Elementary (Houston ISD)

Middle School “Overall” Top Ten Three-peats (2011, 2010 & 2009) In the middle school ranks, the 5 repeaters were also the three-peaters. How is that for sustained excellence?

  • Briarmeadow Middle School (Houston ISD)
  • Burbank Middle School (Houston ISD)
  • Natalia Junior High School (Natalia ISD)
  • Ringgold Middle School (Rio Grande City ISD)
  • Veterans Middle School (Rio Grande City ISD)

High School “Overall” Top Ten Repeats (2011 & 2010)

  • Hastings High School (Alief ISD)
  • Valley View High School (Valley View ISD)

High School “Overall” Top Ten Three-peats (2011, 2010 & 2009)

  • Hanna High School (Brownsville ISD)
  • North Shore Senior High School (Galena Park ISD)
  • Mumford High School (Mumford ISD)
  • Rio Grande City High School (Rio Grande City ISD)
  • Skyline High School (Dallas ISD)

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