In response to the 10/28/2011 post, “Yesterday was a Top Ten Day,” The Big Easy writes: SC, Just got around to reading this post. While the hectic pace that you maintain does not surprise me, I am amazed at your energy and passion for what you do. This post caused me to reflect on the ten years plus that I have had the privilege of working for and with you. During that time, I have witnessed you leading in a way that is often talked about but not practiced on a consistent and regular basis (with the exception of LYSers). A few of the many things I have learned from you:

  1. Leadership is a calling, not something that can be assigned.
  2. Put people in a position so that they can succeed and give them credit (you often do this, even when the credit should be reserved for yourself).
  3. Tell people the truth, even when it hurts.
  4. Read, study, think.
  5. Keep it simple.
  6. Surround yourself with outstanding people/educators (like Bob Brezina and E. Don Brown).

I appreciate what you and the LYS organization stand for and congratulate you on what you have accomplished in a short period of time. The Big Easy SC Response Thanks for the kind words. And I have more of your teaching to share with schools. Here are some things that I have learned from and with you in those same ten years.

  1. If you are trying to be “The Leader” in a room full of leaders, the room will quickly empty.
  2. No one works for “you.” They either work for a belief or a paycheck. Those who work for a belief will do whatever it takes to further or achieve the belief. Those who work for a paycheck won’t stick around long because they never believe that they are getting paid what they are worth.
  3. Fill your teams with people who compensate for weaknesses more than they complement your strengths.
  4. Stay humble and keep your head on a swivel, life is very good at reminding you that you are not all that.

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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