A reader asks: SC, I have two teachers that are horrible. They are on growth plans and strict directives. There is no question that they will be gone next year. Is there any reason why I should keep doing coaching observations? All they are doing is messing up the data for the rest of the campus. SC Response It is my belief that the only unforgivable sin is not being coachable. If an employee proves to be un-coachable and does not respond to coaching data and feedback, then the only logical action is to move the employee into the evaluative / directive / punitive system. But you must clearly communicate this to the employee. And you must follow through. Nothing tears down morale faster than having to work next to someone who is either unwilling or unable to shoulder his or her share of the workload. Think. Work. Achieve.Your turn…Follow Sean Cain at www.Twitter.com/LYSNationComing Soon! “The Fundamental 5: The Formula for Effective Instruction” www.TheFundamentalFive.comPlan to attend the LYS presentations at TASSP and TASB in June