I’ll admit that I’ve been doing a lot of railing at the political machine lately. I have also staked out the position that if you are not willing to invest in public education then you are no longer a viable candidate for my vote. For the foreseeable future, public school funding is my candidate litmus test. But my stance is more than just posturing and empty words. I have figured out a small but critical way to financially support my position (with is appropriate considering that my position is financial). Each year, I protest my property taxes appraisal as a matter of course. It is a prudent practice from an individual financial standpoint. By reducing the valuation of my house, I reduce my tax burden and put more dollars in my pocket. However, from a supporting public service standpoint, reducing my tax burden reduces revenue for needed social services. So this year, my wife and I will not protest the appraised value of our house. We will pay taxes on a slightly inflated value because our community and our state are suffering from a structural tax deficit orchestrated by our governor. As school people it is the right thing to do. And if things don’t get better, next year I might give up my homestead exemption (the noise you just heard is my CPA choking). Serious times require purposeful action by serious people. What are you doing? Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…Follow Sean Cain on www.Twiter.com/LYSNationComing soon – “The Fundamental Five: The Formula for Quality Instruction” www.TheFundamentalFive.com

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